The Alderwoman of the 14th Ward

Alderwoman Jeylú Gutiérrez is a dedicated public servant who made history as the first Latina to hold the esteemed position in the 14th Ward of Chicago. With a deep passion for community empowerment, equity, and inclusive representation, Jeylú brings a unique perspective and a strong commitment to serving the needs of her constituents.

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Jeylú immigrated to the United States seeking a better future and opportunities. Living on the southwest side of Chicago, Jeylú experienced firsthand the challenges faced by many immigrant families and witnessed the power of community support and advocacy.

Jeylú's journey in public service began with her dedication to education. As a former public school educator, she saw the transformative impact that quality education can have on individuals and communities. Inspired by her experiences in the classroom, she expanded her commitment to serving her community by taking on the role of District Director in Cook County government.

As Alderwoman, Jeylú is committed to advocating for the diverse needs of her constituents. She understands the importance of affordable housing, equitable access to quality education, economic development, and public safety. Jeylú brings her firsthand experience as an immigrant, mother of two, and former educator to the forefront of her work, ensuring that the voices of the 14th Ward are heard and their concerns addressed.